Friday, November 29, 2013

Perfectly Pleated Pants--- 2 ways??

I don't know if it's because I have been watching the food network lately or not but I really wanted to offer you up the Perfectly Pleated Pants in two different ways. Like chicken 2 ways, one grilled one in a salad. (I actually don't think I've seen any food network shows with chicken 2 ways, so bad example). Haven't got your pattern yet? You can get it here.

What I had in mind was our pants turned into a skirt... Yes a skirt!! And it really takes very little adjustments from you. First you'll need to take your front and back pattern pieces. Before you cut them out use a ruler to draw a line 1/2"  in from the inner crotch seam to about where you want the skirt to end, be sure to add an extra 1 1/4" for the hem. By doing this you will be eliminating the entire curve of the crotch seam. You now have a straight edge that you can cut on the fold. Repeat this same process for the back pants crotch seam.

Cut out your pants pieces with your newly drawn straight edge on the fold of the fabric. Cut 1 of each. Cut your remaining pattern pieces as per the instructions in the pattern.

Mark the center front of your skirt, transfer your pleat markings onto either side of the center front. (I cut my pattern front in two pieces due to my weird shaped fabric remnant). 

Pleat as per the pattern instructions. 

Continue following the instructions for adding the pockets. Sew the side seams of your front and back together. Continue following pattern instructions to add the waistband.

Now that you have your skirt put together you just need to hem it! I serged around the entire bottom of my skirt to give it an even finish. I pressed that serged hem up 1/4" and then I pressed it up again another 1". Topstitch your hem down right at the edge of your pressed hem. 

Now all I need to is wrangle up my 18 month old and take pictures with her wearing it!

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