Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello to the world. We are here. I feel like this is such a grand announcement that we are making. My hopes are that if you are reading this you are as excited about our fall line as we are. If you feel you need a sneak preview of what is tentatively coming your way check out our website. Just keep in mind this is like building a house and we have dust and scraps everywhere but our finished products are sure to be on your fall must have list.

Just a simple introduction to us. My name is Elise and I live in a quaint and sleepy little town in northern Utah. The other names I consistently go by is Mom, Mommy, and Mama, the people calling me those names are two adorably little and sweet girls Amelia (3) and Ella (1). I have been married to a great man, Josh, for over 5 years and together we make each crazy but mostly crazy fun. I have been sewing since I was 10 years old, my first sewing project that I can clearly remember was a pair of knit pajamas. I really really messed them up and my step-mom (or my other mother as she really is) handed me a seam ripper and sent me to unpick them. Halfway through this process I was in tears and vowed I hated sewing. My Mom came in and told me that is stinks to unpick but you really don't want to be wearing something that isn't done right, I actually think she finished unpicking it for me too. After that disastrous experience I still stuck with sewing, and my seam ripper, and have been refining my skills ever since (with lots more guidance from my mom).

The other half of this adventure is April, aka Mom. April lives in southeast Idaho about an hour and a half away from me. It doesn't seem like a long distance but when we both have to pack kids around it might as well be 8 hours away. Anyways back on topic. April gave birth to 5 kids and raised 7 (I'm one of those extra 2). She is married to a southern gentlemen and loves sewing. She has been sewing for 30 plus years, her first sewing experience was learned in home-ec class at school. She has since refined her skills and sews daily. April is currently coveting a Husqvarna Viking Ruby sewing machine, if she gets it I will be coveting it too!!

Because of our great relationship and mutual passion for sewing and designing for our kids we have decided to bring our creations to life in the form of PDF. We are striving to offer patterns that suit everyday needs with an in depth tutorial to help all levels of seamstress master the perfect looks.

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