Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Birth of a Doll Pattern

When my little girl was about 2-1/2, we decided she needed a sibling.  Her brother was born that November.  Santa Claus brought her a Bitty Baby that year in hopes it would help make the transition to Big Sister a little easier.  Well, for whatever reason, Bitty (my daughter came up with a REALLY clever name) never really accumulated a large wardrobe—the only thing her “Grandma” ever made her was a lavender leotard and dance skirt that matched her mommy’s.  Fast forward a couple of years and an 18” doll joined our family.  The new doll took all of my daughter’s time and attention and she was constantly begging for new doll clothes for her.  Bitty was all but forgotten, except when baby nieces or cousins came to play.  Then a few weeks ago, my daughter asked me why I had never made Bitty any clothes.  Being pretty sure that “Gee, you had a baby brother and I didn’t have any free time” sounded kind of lame, I decided to remedy that situation, and thus Dolly’s Darling Dungarees were born.  I hope your little girl loves them as much as mine does. (the link to download this free pattern at the end of the post)     

Watch our blog as we will be showing you some other cute modifications for Dolly's Darling Dungarees! (get your matching infant Darling Dungarees here)  

Thanks for dropping by ~ April

Dolly's Darling Dungarees
 Dolly's Darling Dungarees

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